About Tomlee College

Our Mission

The mission of Tomlee College is to educate students who will be able to positively impact and contribute to the dental health care teams that serve our communities. Graduates of our programs will know that they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the dental profession and accept the responsibility to be life-long learners to maintain and increase what they have to offer their patients and the profession.

Our Vision

Tomlee College offers practical and high standards of dental education environment that enable individuals to enhance personal and professional success. TLC believes in our students, clients, staff, faculty, and the community where we live and work.

Our Values

  • We strive to obtain each individual maximum growth potential
  • We aim for the best dental reception and assisting program
  • We encourage the growth and learning of our students, staffs, and community
  • We value the need for ongoing maintenance and improvement of programs
Tomlee College is affiliated with Dr. Tom Lee Sedation Dental Group.